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Warren, winemaker

Fitch Farm Vineyard: Award-winning Wines

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From humble beginnings

Warren planted his first vines in 1979. He and Nora had discovered they really liked wine, and concluded making their own would be more cost effective than buying it. Warren planted just 21 vines the first year, and it took five to produce a wine he would rate as "drinkable." From these modest beginnings, the Fitch Farm Vineyard grew.

The Vineyard Today

Today, vines cover much of the four acres surrounding the inn, and the vineyard continues to produce an excellent variety of wines. Warren has established a reputation for making top-quality wines, winning medals at regional, national and international competitions. The vineyard's 1993 Riesling won "Best of Show" at the 1996 Connecticut Amateur Wine Competition.

Enjoy the Vineyard

Guests of the Fitch Claremont Vineyard B&B can stroll the vineyard, tour the winery and sample Warren's work. All rooms include a complimentary bottle of wine. Join us to learn why "good food-good wine-good people-good time" says it all.

The vineyard produces an oustanding variety of exceptional, award-winning wines. All guests receive a complimentary bottle with their stay. Our menu includes:

Sweet William - a blend of Connecticut Riesling with adequate sugar and acid balance.

Adam's Chardonnay - From our own Chardonnay grapes, aged in mature oak barrels and then finished in American oak barrels. A true taste treat.

Olivia White Wine - A semi-sweet blend of our Cayuga, Traminette, and Horizon grapes with a touch of Muscat.

Calvin's White Wine - A dryer white wine, from hybrid and Vinifera grapes. A wine to spend the night with.

Riesling - Our award-winning Riesling - a truly great wine.

Bozrah Blush - Our red grapes picked early and made into a semi-sweet blush wine.

Nora Red Wine - A 100% Connecticut-grown red wine, aged in French and American oak barrels for three years. Ready to drink now, with the potential to age gracefully.